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Tempomail.net is a temporary email service provider that helps you receive emails and disposes of them after a certain period of time. These temporary emails do not ask you to register like other sites. It saves you time in case of any urgent emails you would want to receive. Most of the websites ask you to enter your regular email address to view or download content. The issue with most is, those websites end up taking your email addresses to send spam and advertisements.

In contrast, Tempomail.net gives you a random Gmail address (googlemail.com / gmail.com), which you can use to give anyone you do not fully trust. It is then possible to receive the content you want and then dispose of the email after some time. It also keeps your email inbox spam-free. It will not affect your email privacy and will keep your data protected.

When you do not want to use your regular email address and would want to use another one, you still have to waste a lot of time in entering your data and creating an ‘available’ username for your email address before creating one. When in urgent situations, this can look like a bit of a hassle. This is when temporary emails come to play.

Disposable and temporary Gmail work precisely like standard Gmail addresses. But their lifespan is very short. Most of them self-destruct after a particular time. But some may be disposed even before their lifetime ends if a lot of spam and ads are detected. Temp emails also can do anonymous file transfer, thus saving the user’s privacy. The email is usually kept logged off due to high traffic. Emails that are received on temp email addresses are delivered with strict confidentiality too. You can now experience a safe emailing experience without having to deal with spam, continuous ads, hacking robots, and junk emails. You can keep your regular email inbox clean and safe while using a temp email address to receive emails anonymously, especially when you are not entirely convinced of the website’s security.

Tempomail Features:

Our fantastic disposable Gmail address system features are exclusively designed for you. These features are not available on other sites, thus giving you a more secured email inbox experience.

  • You can create free, unlimited Gmail addresses as much as you want
  • It receives emails from any website including Facebook & Twitter
  • It uses multiple domains from the Google email service
  • Our temporary emails protect privacy strictly
  • It takes only five seconds to get a new temporary email address
  • It has a fantastic interface, which is user-friendly and responsive
  • It works on any device (mobile/PC/Tab)
  • You can recover & re-use temporary Gmail addresses later

These fantastic features are only exclusive at tempomail.net, where you get an easy and fast service to receive your emails. The general hassle of entering all your data and possibly jeopardizing your privacy in untrustworthy websites is not the case here. An email address can be provided just for you in a jiffy, and you can receive your content without any problem.

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